May 13, 2019

Clojure development environment by Vagrant

If you want to have a portable Clojure development environment and you use Vagrant, vim-fireplace, you may consider to try my Vagrantfile.

git clone
cd dotfiles
vagrant up

Certain part of vagrantfile you may need to remove.

if Vagrant.has_plugin?("vagrant-timezone")
  config.timezone.value = "Asia/Taipei"

The beginning of this repo

Several years before, I created a github repo called dotfiles, which is used to record my vimrc file. Later, every time when I changed my job, I modified my favorite vim plugin. I modified my vim plugin collection so many times. Sometimes, I installed certain vim cool plugin, but after a while, I totally forgot how to use it. There are not too many vim plugins in this dotfiles, because I am not a vim l33t hax0r.

development and deployment

I have had a job that I needed to work at AWS cloud9 environment. Some of my jobs required me to install totally new development environment. Recently, I needed to deploy Clojure enviroment on production system, so I learned a little ansible and I used ansible to install java8.

One day, I found that vagrant can use ansible to do provisioning, so I combined them together.

Some nice tools I cannot live without

nvm is important to me because I usually need to change node version. autojump is also important.

Tags: ansible vim-fireplace vagrant DevOps