Software consulting made easy

January 8, 2021

If you are a Clojurian, you can not find a Clojure programming job in your own country and remote Clojure jobs are not on your time zone, this article is for you. My name is Laurence Chen. I started my one man software consulting business fromĀ 2019.

My own story

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Teaching Clojure programming class

May 5, 2020

When I told others that I am a Clojure programmer, they responded apathetically. Why so many people in Taiwan never heard of this great programming language? One day, an idea occurred to me that how about teaching some students?

The advertisement

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Behavioral Economics and Clojure

October 9, 2019

Situation 1

When I take the ownership of a new project, I tell my boss that I want to use Clojure/ClojureScript/Datomic. I promise to deliver good quality with only one third of development time required for using other popular/ordinary technology. My boss usually asks me: "How about the long term maintenance problem? How can I find many Clojure developers?"

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Using Datomic with disk cache and LU cache

September 15, 2019

The background of this post

I began to use Datomic seriously in my project at work from February 2019. I encountered certain performance issues and I solved them through disk cache and LU cache.

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A Clojurian's idioms and patterns for ETL

July 1, 2019


I needed to do eight Excel ETLs at my project. At the beginning, I just implemented some of the ETLs without any design. I did not even implement schema validation, and then I felt the pain soon. After several re-writing, I abstracted out some idioms and patterns for ETL.

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